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The McCrone Research Institute provides specialized training for microscopists. Visit: www.mcri.org for their class schedules on particle analysis, polarized light microscopy, forensic microscopy, digital imaging and materials science microscopy.

Bunton Instrument is available for consulting services and on-site training in many areas of optical microscopy. Contact Jim Averill for fee schedule and instructional services here in the USA.

Several Microscope makers and distributors offer training and technical lectures in many areas of optical microscopy. Contact your microscope supplier for local sources of instruction and tech support.

A few words on microscope service and repair.

We get calls from individuals who want to be "instructed" on how to service microscopes. We are not aware of any formal microscopy service training centers other than OJT at various microscope factories or distributors with their own in-house service operations. Furthermore, there is no such item as a "microscope service manual" for distribution to those who think they can make repairs with some wordage and a few photos. Unfortunately there are very few qualified microscope repair people around the world and those who know the older instruments are now retired or deceased. It is very unfortunate that many fine optical microscopes end up being surplused or "disposed of" for the lack of a properly installed part or some expert lube and fitting skills. Here again, contact your microscope dealer or check around your community for the name of the best qualified microscope mechanics. A major focus block overhaul or upgrade to LED illumination can add decades to the life of any well-made optical microscope. See the Bunton Service and Repair page for our mid-Atlantic best choices for service agreements, repairs and modifications.

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There are many areas of microscopy instruction that can only be acquired from direct experience with your own specimen using your own microscope, lighting, or camera system. We can offer you the expertise and over 60 years of experience in microscopy to help you get started with your system. We fully realize that many microscopists will "inherit" older equipment or optical systems that have been modified, adapted or "hybridized" prior to their arrival in a lab. The Bunton archives may be helpful in your familiarization with such equipment. Still, the first step to take with "inherited" microscopes is to establish condition and spot obvious problems in need of an expert's services. We can include a start-up training session with any microscope we service here at our Frederick location. www.banebio.com All Bunton-Bane microscope sales delivered to customers at the Frederick facility will include free "basic training" by Jim Averill if needed. On site training (fee based on location and one hour minimum) will include basic microscope operation, DIY cleaning tips, documentation (when available) and guidance on matters related to digital photomicroscopy, fluorescence lamp alignment and filter selection and technical support related to microscopy in general.

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