We are pleased to announce that Bunton Instrument is now the USA distributor for the microscope built by MOTION-SCOPE in Slovenia.
Preview the MHS on our own You Tube channel by clicking the icon on the top right corner of any of our web pages.....or

Contact us if you would like to BORROW A MONOCHROME HIGH SPEED BASLER CAMERA AND THE MHS SOFTWARE for a few obligation and we cover shipping costs to your lab here in the USA.
We can also provide a suitable camera coupler to your existing microscope ...included in the offer.  You will need a Windows operating system and a USB3 camera port on your PC or laptop.

The MHS basic system includes a global shutter monochrome camera that plugs into the SS (USB3) port of your computer running in Windows 10 or better.  The basic zoom module is matched to the software and rapid measurement functions are included.....set the zoom at 3X and enter "3" on the input keypad. Draw a measurement line from point A to point B....double click and the dimension is displayed. An automatic scale bar in the lower right corner of your displayer is included.

The basic system includes LED transmitted light and a unique feature is the design of the electronic for flicker-free lighting.  An optional coaxial illuminator is available for incident light LED lighting with the same flicker-free functions.  A USA-made optical microscope is offered for those who need high magnification capabilities.  Here we mount the Infinity Photo Optical KC-VideoMax and use long working distance microscope objectives such as those made by Mitutoyo or infinity corrected objectives made by the NOZL firms.....PLUS, the Infinity Photo Optical macro front optics in the IF series.

The USA-made Infinity KC microscope is also now available with our own EPIFLUORESCENCE (RetroFL) module that allows an interchangeable filter cube and USA-made LED illuminator to be used for microfluidic chip applications.   CTC, microplastics, yeast biology are possible areas of study with this module.  Microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-a-chip technologies are moving forward rapidly.  We stand ready to work with you and invite you to contact us for questions about the existing components and how we might work with you on development of new capabilities based on your needs now and in the future.   Basic price for the fluorescence high speed imaging and recording system is $15,000.00.  A 2022 launch in Q3 will include a special price on a Leitz DIAVERT inverted microscope along with the upright MHS stand, KC microscope, RetroFL and filter cube, LED light source, high speed monochrome global shutter camera, viewer, software and mechanical stage. Use the MHS for fluorescence studies and the Diavert (with same camera attached) for brightfield, phase contrast and non-fluorescence microfluidic imaging duties. A routine microscope with oculars and contrast enhancement. Ask for a user-report on the merits of the Leitz Diavert microscope composed by Dr. Brian Matsumoto.  See a photo of the Diavert on our home page.  Complete package for about $17,500.00!

BASIC INSTRUMENT USES A GLOBAL SHUTTER MONOCHROME CAMERA FOR BEST RESOLUTION AND FRAME RATES UP TO 2712 fps. FRAME RATE IS 226 fps at maximum resolution (1456 x 1088). A COLOR CAMERA is available as an option.  Higher resolution cameras have lower frame rates and color sensor cameras degrade the image quality when compared to the standard monochrome camera.  Reduced light levels during most fluorescence experiments may call for longer exposure times (up to a full second/1 fps) for good imaging.  High speed camera and software is under $2500.00.

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