We are pleased to be able to now offer our customers a fantastic software module that runs in Windows 10. This involves the use of a global shutter USB3-Connected camera to your microscope. We can provide a correct PC (desktop is best) running in Windows 10 or you can supply your own computer that meets the requirements of this software, The camera is registered to the software so you can use the system on any microscope you choose. Image stitching with any objective on the turret. Choose camera performance from 2MP to 5MP for speed and performance. The new S-Series cameras from MOTIC includes a S-5 model (Lite and PRO) with global shutter and Sony Pregius color sensor. We also offer color and monochrome digital cameras directly from the maker in China.....excellent Peltier cooled versions for fluorescence microscopy. Contact us for details on a camera to meet your exact requirements and budget.

MICROVISONEER offers the user a great deal of flexibility that is not to be found in much more expensive WSI stitching rigs. You simply scan your slide with the mechanical stage and monitor fine focus as you go. This is not an "autofocus" system. This is not for Z-stacking.
manualWSI is the name of the stitching software. This system is especially useful for difficult tissue samples that the automatic WSI instruments may not be able to handle easily....the microscopist controls the microscope, light intensity and objective lens selection.  It can even be used with microscopes set up for phase contrast or darkfield methods. It may be used with many industrial samples and even thin rock sections in polarized light! Plastic embedded tissue is especially difficult for the automated systems and oversized slides can be a problem with the automated WSI systems. The microscopist controls the WSI scan when using manualWSI by Microvisioneer.

The stitching results and resolution is dependent on how good you get with the manual XY routine and the numerical aperture of the microscope objectives being used. Yes, a 20x plan apo with 0.75 numerical aperture is going to look much better than a plan achromatic routine objective with 0.45n.a.

We can provide the camera and software as well as a suitable c-mount coupler for your microscope make and model. Your microscope should have a dedicated camera port. If not, you might consider upgrading to Ultima or InFocus (corrects for spherical aberrations when using high n.a. dry objectives). Ultima and InFocus replace a trinocular tube, oculars and expensive camera coupler. InFocus and camera shown in photo below right.

Another important feature is the light source. We can upgrade your microscopes with LED with constant color temperature, DC stability and light distribution (no filament hot spot).

Your microscope must be in top-notch mechanical condition (XY stage and focus block) and the optics must be spotless.  Useable with older finite tube length microscopes or latest infinity tube length instruments.  We do BESPOKE microscopes at Bunton!

Primarily for high resolution digital pathology but may also be used for the creation of virtual slides as needed in education. Archives for anatomical pathology, zoology, botany, materials science and geology. Ideal for low volume WSI requirements or for image archiving in education....scan your teaching slides for individual or classroom instruction. No need to set up individual microscopes and pass out expensive teaching slides that are easily lost or broken. You now have a virtual teaching slide that may be viewed on a large display monitor for testing purposes or further discussion.

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